Founded in 1992, Castelvecchi offers a wide range of production: classics and historic novels, literary essays (on history, philosophy, science and current affairs), diaries, biographies. It publishes around 200 new titles per year.

Castelvecchi is part of Lit Edizioni, a small independent group, based in Rome (Italy), which counts other five imprints (Elliot, Arcana, Ultra, Orme, Edizioni dei Cammini), each one with a clear identity and a specific production.

Lit preserves the ability, typical of independent publishers, to find high quality publications, and combines this aspect with big company skills, giving life to our unique history. Each Lit Edizioni works cooperatively with the others, rationalizing human and material resources, allowing the company to produce high quality and unconventional books. Management, rights, promotion, sales, PR and press agency are centralized.

All publishing houses are located in the same building, on two different floors.

Rights Manager:

Miriam Capaldo    < rights@litedizioni.it >

Castelvecchi Editore  < www.castelvecchieditore.com >

via Isonzo 34

00198 Roma, Italy

Tel +39 06 8412007

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